Organization Overview.

The Department of the Air Force Company Grade Officers’ Council is an organization representing the more than 47,000 junior military officers of the United States Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard and Space Force. Through local councils on nearly 100 bases and military installations across four regions including Europe and the Pacific, CGOs (captains and lieutenants) promote professional development and community service through volunteer projects and networking events.

The DAFCGOC present at your base or near your local area is a volunteer group composed of military members who seek to grow as officers in the armed forces, give back to their base and community, and have fun with friends through fellowship. All captains and lieutenants in the Air and Space Forces are inherently members of the “CGOC” with active members taking leadership roles at the local level and up to the regional and national levels.

Our Mission.

The Dept. of the Air Force Company Grade Officers' Council connects base councils globally to grow and develop leaders by leveraging Department of the Air Force resources to build a robust community of Lieutenants and Captains.


To empower councils at Air Force and Space Force units around the world through Advocacy, Recognition and Communication to the regions down to the base-level. The DAFCGOC will coordinate and disseminate training materials and deliver the pulse of the CGO from its constituent councils to senior military leadership.

Our Logo.

Emblematic of its associated military branches but unique to the organization, the logo of the Dept. of the Air Force Company Grade Officers’ Council was designed by the independent designer WLDN and Captain Julian “Cosmo” Gluck in 2020. The blue wings symbolize the Air Force, the silver delta symbolizes the Space Force, and within the shield are the three ranks of company grade officers in the United States military.

For usage of the logo, please contact the DAFCGOC.

Social Media.

The Dept. of the Air Force Company Grade Officers’ Council is present on a number of social media platforms. Follow, subscribe, and like to see the latest volunteering and fun from councils around the world and what your Dept. of the Air Force CGOC is working on. Submit your photos, videos, and other content to be featured at the national level by emailing our Social Media Director and Public Relations Director.

Instagram: @dafcgoc